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Frequently Asked Questions

Saturday, March 28, 2020


1000 Stoneybrook Drive,

Kensington, MD  20895

The Washington DC Stake Center



Q.  How do I get the handouts for the workshops?

A.  All of the materials will be posted on this website before the conference begins. Feel free to print out the materials for the workshops you will be attending or download them on your electronic device.


Q. What do I do when I arrive at the Conference?  Where do I go?

A.  When you arrive at the Stake Center go to the foyer to check-in or register and pick up a packet of information.  The packet will include a printed program, a map of the building, and a feedback form. If you arrive before 9:00, feel free to grab something to eat. We will provide bagels, fruit, water and other snacks before and throughout the Conference. So enjoy some food and visit with friends and other Conference attendees before the Conference begins. 


Q.  What food will be provided?

A.  Food will be provided in the cultural hall beginning at 8:30.  Bagels, muffins, fruit and water will be available before the Conference begins.  Throughout the Conference additional snacks such as granola bars, nuts, cookies, fruit and water will be provided.  


Q.  How will I choose which workshops to attend?

A.  Information regarding each workshop can be found on the website.  Click here to go to the page about the workshops. Descriptions about the workshops will also be in the information packet you recieve at the registration table the day of the Conference.  Look over the description and make your choices. Nine workshops are offered and you will have the oppurtunity to attend three of those workshops.


Q.  What if I want to attend more workshops? 

A.  It will be best to stay through the whole workshop in order to get the full benefit of the topic you choose.  If you would like information from other workshops, you may purchase materials here. To allow enough time to prepare the materials, Monday, May 1st will be the last day to purchase materials.


Q.  What are the 1:1 Consultations? 

A.  These are 15 minute meetings with a therapist.  It is a time to discuss resources, strategies on how to help someone you are serving, better understand their problem, or get other support for you in your calling.  


Q.  How will I find the classroom for my workshop and other places in the building?

A. This map will show where the classrooms, consultation rooms, restrooms, resource tables, and food are located.  You can preview or print this map by clicking here. 


Q. What should I wear to the conference?  
A.  Many people will wear business or Sunday dress.  However, we welcome you to wear whatever will make you comfortable. 


Q.  Who can I contact if I have more questions?

A.  You can contact Emily Nelson with any additional questions:

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