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Help support our efforts by making a donation to our chapter. 

Chapter Mission 

To support the Latter-day Saint community by offering education on mental health topics and access to mental health care.


Chapter Vision 

This organization assists the Latter-day Saint population in the Greater DC Area by:

1.       Supporting church leaders on Mental Health topics.

2.       Providing assistance in the process of finding a therapist who shares mutual values.  

3.       Networking for LDS Mental Health Professionals.


If you would like to make a donation to our chapter to help support our efforts of providing workshops and the annual Conference, please contribute here.  Donations help provide materials for the workshops. Thank you. 



AMCAP Mission

The mission of AMCAP shall be:

a) To provide education and support to AMCAP members in four areas:

     1) Spiritual Focus

     2) Clinical Application

     3) Networking and Outreach

     4) Research, Theory, and Publication

b) To encourage AMCAP members to center their professional lives upon Jesus Christ through service to their brothers and sisters in


c)  To provide:

     1) Educational Conventions

     2) Publications

     3) Web Sites

     4) Person-to-Person Contacts

     5) Outreach


To learn more about AMCAP or to join please visit the website:



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