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This is a list of Latter-day Saint mental health professionals in Virginia. 


For any questions about additional therapists or resources, please contact one of the following area coordinators for Virginia:

Andrew Mueller, 



Listings of Latter-day Saint therapists, by zipcode, can also be found at:


Note: Providers listed have requested to join based on their affiliation or knowledge of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and may or may not be active members.



Alexandria, VA

Treona Bateman, LCSW

I have many years of experience helping people meet their goals. I use a combination of interventions, through talk therapy and neuroscience, to help people make the changes they want. 

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).  I graduated with my Masters Degree in Social Work from Columbia University, in New York City, in 2002.   I have been providing counseling services for 20 years.

I primarily work with adults who are concerned about their anxiety, depression, relationships, or work stress.  I offer counseling, EEG assessments, and neurofeedback services. 


Address: 5285 Shawnee Road, Suite 575-N, Alexandria, VA 22312

Phone: 703-485-5143



Michael Fronce, LMFT


Providing services for couples, adults, parents, and teens

Phone: 703-587-5961


Earta Norwood, Ph.D.


My style is warm, non-judgmental, and flexible. My approach is informed by my cultural background and the people I crossed paths with while living in three countries and across two continents. It is also informed by my research and my constant study of the latest developments and findings on diagnosing and treating behavioral, cognitive, and emotional distress. The goal of our work will be to create a path forward and help you grow, learn, change, find meaning. Our dialogue will help you identify the challenges you are facing, the resources you have, and the capabilities you need to develop. We will lay out a treatment plan and work at a pace that is comfortable for you.

My most recent work has been with the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Maryland at College Park where I completed an internship at the University of Virginia. My research focused on behavioral, cognitive, and emotional symptoms of anxiety, trauma, and co-occurring disorders. During my graduate training, I worked with clients diverse in age, gender, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, and socioeconomic status. I worked with students, military personnel, veterans, and individuals from the LGBT community. My approach to therapy was enriched by a range of solution-focused behavioral and cognitive approaches. During my internship, I focused on developing an integrated style that centers on tailoring treatments to fit clients’ needs.

I am intimately familiar with the military life common to the D.C. area.  For the four years between my master’s degree and doctorate I dedicated my full attention to my family as my husband trained and deployed with the United States Army.  I will never forget the first pre-deployment company party. The soldiers were so young. Only a few months prior I had taught a university class full of young people learning and hoping for bright careers in psychology and medicine; the young people at this party, however, were preparing to go to war. Their greatest hope was to survive the following year. Being close to military posts allowed me to do clinical and research work focused on the mental health of the military personnel. I volunteered as a therapist with the Chaplains at Fort Benning and Fort Huachuca. During our time at Fort Campbell, I worked with researchers at Vanderbilt University on projects focusing on the Post Deployment Health Reassessment program with the Army and the PTSD treatment programs at the Nashville Veterans' Administration. My therapy work during the years on military posts shaped the direction of my career in clinical psychology. My experiences equipped me with a deeper understanding of the importance of therapy in helping you grow, learn, change, and find meaning.

Not accepting insurance at this time (self-pay only)

Population served and/or specialties: Videotherapy

Address: 324 North Fairfax Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314

Email Address:

Phone: 571-357-3459



Barbara Sensiba, MSW

Clinician, Supervisee in Social Work


Barbara has over twenty years experience working with children with special needs.  Her practice includes children, adolescents, adults, families, and groups with a variety of needs, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, disabilities, complex relationships, and grief/loss.  She is available to present on a number of topics, including relationships, parenting, disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, trauma, grief/loss, and adolescent development.  


Address: 500 N. Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314        

Phone: 703-405-1575 (voice/text)



Adam Sowa, PhD


Specialties include children, teens, anxiety, depression, ADHD, social learning disorders, divorce, parenting, medical issues, developmental issues.

Not accepting insurance at this time (self-pay only)

Phone: 571-435-3551

Tiffanie Williams, LCSW


Tiffanie Williams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 17 years of experience working with individual, couples, families, and groups with a variety of needs, such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, relationship issues, adjustment disorders, sexual addictions, abuse and trauma, self esteem, self improvement, and grief/loss.  She is available to present on a number of topics.

Not accepting insurance at this time (but will provide information needed to seek reimbursement)

Office hours: Mon.-Wed., 7 am-7 pm; Thurs., 7 am-12 noon; Fri., 7 am-3 pm; one Sat. morning per month

Address: 500 N Washington St, Alexandria VA 22314

Phone: 571-245-6109

Email: or


Annandale, VA

Mary C. King, LCSW, CSAC

Providing services for individuals ages 14 and above

All major insurance plans accepted

Office Hours:  Mon-Thur 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., Fri & Sat 8:00 a.m.-12:00 noon
Address:  8624 Appleton Ct, Annandale, VA 22003
Phone:  703-978-4590
Fax:  703-978-4590

Arlington, VA

Aaron Dodini, PhD, LMFT


In the years leading up to my choice of profession, I went to my roots and connected to my great great grandfather’s legacy of abundance. He lived in a small pastoral village near the Italian-Swiss border on Lago Maggiore. He would lead his livestock up the rugged and imposing Alps until they reached the plateau and the lush green meadows that grew from the crystalline waters of the snowmelt. The meadows were a refuge in which they could feed and grow protected from the harsh elements. My great great grandfather passed on a legacy of learning to thrive in life, in relationships, and in professional endeavors not despite the hardships of life’s mountains, but because of them. The mountains offered both formidable challenges and life-sustaining opportunities for him. Such is life!


Sometimes our “mountain” is depression or anxiety or a difficult relationship or the exasperating experience of making chronic poor choices. My experiences living in the Alps led me to the realization that I wanted to walk with others in their climbs of life and get to a refuge or place of growth.


I believe we can find our greatest strengths when making these climbs. Through the process of taking courageous risks toward vulnerability and intimacy and with the association and help of others we can come to a much better place. I love and honor the climbs of life and I’ve found great fulfillment in making that journey with others. It’s an honor for me and my associates to work with you. We hope you’ll give us a call.


Not accepting insurance at this time (self-pay only)

Phone: 703-909-5101


Alexis Guerrero, MSW, Supervisee in Social Work


Alexis is a psychotherapist who specializes in working with Eating Disorders, OCD, and anxiety. She enjoys working with teenagers and young adults in individual therapy and groups. She is passionate about helping individuals find peace within and acceptance of themselves while working toward a life full of fulfilling relationships and experiences. She abides by the philosophy that, although it may look different for each person, healing and thriving are available to those who are willing to work for and receive it.


Alexis believes that cultivating personal values is key to working through and moving forward from past trauma and current issues with self-worth, emotional dysregulation, and dysfunctional relationship patterns. She helps clients identify internalized messages from their familial and cultural backgrounds as well as other life experiences and empowers them to create a life that they can claim as their own. She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) to help those she works with achieve their goals.


Alexis has experience working with children, teenagers, and adults in community care organizations, outpatient practice, and higher levels of care. Additionally, Alexis has a background in mental health advocacy and public relations. She is passionate about breaking down stigma and misinformation about mental illness, body image, and eating disorders. Alexis has a Master of Social Work from Brigham Young University and is currently a Supervisee in Clinical Social Work. She is supervised by Aminah Mellion, LCSW.


Practice name: Balanceworks Counseling Services

Address: 1501 Langston Boulevard, Suite 130, Arlington, VA 22209

Phone: 703-828-4864



LuAnn C. Oliver, LCSW


LuAnn specializes in couples therapy, particularly with those who have been impacted by pornography and other sexually compulsive behavior.  She is passionate about helping couples repair their relational struggles and create safe, healthy, meaningful love relationships.  She has extensive training and certification in the highly effective model of couples therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and is an EFT Supervisor-in-Training.  Additionally, she is training to be a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, through the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP).


Address: 4001 9th Street N, Suite 220, Arlington, VA 22203

Phone: 703-220-0951


Kellie Zundel, LCSW


I currently work part-time as a therapist at a private practice called Heartswell, and I also work full-time as a primary therapist at an eating disorder recovery treatment center called Center for Discovery. I work with a variety of concerns namely: body image/eating disorders, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, grief/loss, addiction, and relationship concerns. I practice with skills from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness and Emotionally Focused Therapy.  

My goal as a therapist is to empower clients to recognize and own their unique stories and life experiences.  I encourage clients to practice vulnerability and shame resilience to help them foster a deep sense of their own worthiness and emotional intelligence. I work mindfully with clients to help them to connect to and understand the human needs and core beliefs that have shaped them. By fostering these skills, my clients develop coping skills they need to have more fulfillment and satisfaction in their relationships with others and themselves. They also increase their capacity to handle the unpredictability of life. 

Kellie Zundel is a graduate of Brigham Young University and received her Master’s of Social Work at George Mason University.  She is currently working under supervision for her clinical social work license.



Address: 4001 9th Street N, Suite 220, Arlington, VA 22203

Phone: 571-336-6841


Buena Vista, VA

Deborah Styler, M.S.
Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy

Providing services for individuals (adults, young adults, and children), couples, and families

Specializing in trauma, grief, family relationship, anxiety, depression, etc.

Not accepting insurance at this time (self-pay only)

Office hours vary (generally 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.)

Address: 2104 Walnut Ave., Buena Vista, VA 24416

Phone: 703-903-9696 ext 215 or 801-718-8002

Fax: 703-821-2505



Chantilly, VA

Barbara Sensiba, MSW

Clinician, Supervisee in Social Work


Address: 4229 Lafayette Center Dr, Suite 1300, Chantilly, VA  20151

Phone: 703-405-1575 (voice/text)



(For more information about Barbara, see her entry under Alexandria above.)

Fairfax, VA

Heidi Lindorf, MS

Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy

Heidi Lindorf graduated from Brigham Young University with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Prior to coming to the Center for Pastoral Counseling, Heidi practiced therapy for the Family Life Center at Fort Belvoir and LDS Family Services.  She specializes in helping couples work through marital dissatisfaction, communication issues, infidelity, and addictions.  Heidi also enjoys working with pre-marital couples.  Heidi is a trained Prepare/Enrich facilitator. Additionally, Heidi specializes in counseling individuals suffering with depression and anxiety.

Heidi has a thorough background working with children who struggle with anxiety and ADHD, both within her own family (where she has four children) and within church and community groups, including as a trained foster parent for Fairfax County.

Heidi has a systemic approach to therapy with an emphasis on cognitive/behavioral techniques.  She believes that emotional and cognitive healing is greatly facilitated through tapping into a client’s spiritual resources.  However, Heidi also recognizes the importance of creating a therapy plan specific to her clients’ individual needs.

Heidi has extensive experience in leading workshops and seminars on topics such as depression, parenting, improving marriage, and strengthening relationships.  Heidi is available for presentations to church and community groups, for both teenage and adult audiences.

Practice name: Center for Pastoral Counseling of Virginia

Address: 10723 Main Street, Fairfax, VA, 22030

Phone: (703) 903-9696 ext. 280

Janene Pack, LPC

I am passionate about working with adolescents especially through the group process and I immerse myself in the adolescent world every day.  I have four teenagers of my own, I work with adolescents through the LDS church, I am a full-time school counselor, and own a counseling business doing private therapy work supporting adolescents, young adults, and their parents in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression suicide ideation, autism, sexual orientation, and gender identity.  

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree at Brigham Young University.  Years later I decided to go for my masters and because of my decision to work extensively with adolescents, I decided to complete a dual licensure Master of Counseling program at the University of New Mexico in order to be licensed to work in schools and privately.  I gained extensive experience counseling families, children, and adolescents with the Southwest Family Guidance Center in Albuquerque New Mexico.  Five years ago I moved to Burke Virginia with my family and in addition to working at Instep, a private counseling agency, I worked as a school counselor at the Burke School, a public day school for middle school students receiving special education services primarily due to emotional and/or behavioral needs. In 2014 Fairfax County Public Schools awarded me the “Most Outstanding New Counselor Award.” 

Recently I decided to expand my working experience to high school and now work at Lake Braddock Secondary School, an advanced academics school in the Fairfax area.  I also own a counseling business with my colleague, Danielle Causley, who is a licensed social worker. My clinical skill is running adolescent groups and creating processing activities to help adolescents gain intrapersonal and interpersonal awareness and lifelong social skills. When I am not running around with my husband and four children, you can find me researching and planning my next travel adventure or curled up reading a good book! 

Practice Name: Pack Mental Health, LLC

Address: 4031 University Dr. Fairfax, VA

Phone: 505-977-9487


Falls Church, VA

Barry Alvarez, MS, LMFT


Barry Alvarez has been in private practice as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2006.   His office is in Falls Church, Virginia.  He sees couples, families and individuals as well as runs groups for individuals dealing with anger management and addictions.  Barry is also a clinical supervisor at the Virginia Tech’s Center for Family Services, supervising and instructing VA Tech’s MFT interns. He is a graduated of Virginia Tech’s Marriage and Family Therapy Program. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Virginia and a Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.  Brother Alvarez’ prior experiences include working with Catholic Charities of Arlington as a bilingual therapist, working mainly with Hispanic individuals and families; working with Northern Virginia Family Services as an in-home therapist in their Healthy Families program; and as a bi-lingual therapist at Center for Pastoral Counseling of Northern Virginia.  During his residency, he also worked with the Keller Center’s Sexually Abused Children’s services, including working with children and their families dealing with sexual abuse. 


His church service has included Bishop, High Councilor, High Priest Group leader, Sunday School President, Seminary Teacher, and his favorite, Nursery Leader!

Accepting insurance, including Carefirst BCBS

Address: 1311 Vincent Place, McLean VA, 22101

Phone: 703-509-2217


Herndon, VA

Marie Harris, MS-MHC, NCC
Counselor in Residency

Phone: 703-903-9696, ext. 260

(For more information about Marie, see her entry under Manassas below.)

Manassas, VA

Marie Harris, MS-MHC, NCC
Counselor in Residency

Marie believes that variety brings beauty to our world, and that each person deserves to be respected for their individuality and unique frame of reference.  Marie has 3 years of clinical experience working with clients from many cultures, religions, ages, and backgrounds.  She thrives in building and re-building bonds, healing broken trust, and strengthening weak areas.  Marie remains neutral, and listens without judgement, creating a safe environment for collaboration and progression through life’s challenges.

Phone: 703-903-9696, ext. 260

McLean, VA

Eva-Maria Theodosiadis, MD


Practice name: Sound Body & Mind Psychiatric Services, PLLC

Address: 6845 Elm Street, Suite 507, McLean, VA, 22101

Phone: 571-282-8254

Purcellville, VA

Marylynne Urie, LMFT


Phone: 571-271-3119

Richmond, VA

Misty Davis, LPC


Phone: 804-310-2948

LDS Family Services 
Robert Mackay, LCSW

Phone: 804-743-0727


Springfield, VA

Mallory M. Jackson, MS, LMFT


Mallory Jackson specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and the promotion of women’s mental health.  Eating disorders are complex and require the help of well-trained and experienced professionals.  Mallory received her valuable training while working with adolescent and adult women with eating disorders at a well-established and well-respected treatment center in the West for several years before moving to the DC area in 2015.  Mallory works with individuals, families, and couples feeling the effects associated with an eating disorder. 

Mallory also works with women facing a variety of common concerns such as depression, anxiety, relationship distress, work stress, social anxiety, feelings of insecurity, body image concerns, parenting stress, infertility, loss, and life transitions.  Through the therapy process, many women express feeling more empowered and confident, having more clarity about their lives and circumstances, and experiencing themselves in new, more positive ways.

Address: 6800 Backlick Road, Suite 202, Springfield, VA 22150

Phone: 571-781-0035


Stafford, VA

Debbie Carver, LMSW


Specialities includes couples, families, individuals, teens, trauma, self esteem, sex addiction, premarital, parenting, family of origin issues

Practice name: Stafford Family Counseling

Phone: 540-658-0888



Sterling, VA

Marie Harris, MS-MHC, NCC
Counselor in Residency

Phone: 703-903-9696, ext. 260

(For more information about Marie, see her entry under Manassas above.)

Vienna, VA

Brittany Colton, MS, LCSW-C 


Brittany is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW-C) who has extensive experience working with adults, youth and families. She is fluent in and can provide counseling in Spanish.    


Brittany earned her Bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University in Secondary Education in Social Sciences and her Master’s Degree from University of Utah in Social Work.  She was selected and trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at the Beck institute in 2011. She has worked extensively with youth in school based mental health services on Emotionally Disturbed units and as the school social worker. In these settings she provided services to individuals and their families ranging from Elementary to High School students.  She has worked with youth of all ages in an outpatient clinic. In this setting she led parenting groups and DBT group therapy. Brittany has also worked as an outpatient adult therapist. In this setting she provided therapy to individuals, couples and families. Brittany has treated a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, ADHD, mood disorders, behavioral problems, school problems, social skills deficits, parental support, trauma and grief family conflict and relationship distress. Brittany has a special interest and training working with women and mothers.


Address: 131 Park St NE, Vienna, VA 22180 

Phone: 202-854-0636
Fax: 301-230-9316

Sharyn Hunt, MS, LPC


Sharyn Hunt is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 15 years experience working with individuals, families, and groups with a variety of needs, such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, ADHD, executive functioning issues, relationship issues, adjustment disorders, grief/loss, abuse and trauma, self esteem, and self improvement.    


Sharyn also works as a School Psychologist and can assist with navigating special education services, psychoeducational evaluations IEPs, 504 plans, as well as behavioral consultation. 

Sharyn is currently accepting Anthem BCBS of Virginia insurance plans as well as CareFirst.  Out of network insurance plans will often reimburse a percentage of self pay. 


Address: 131 Park Street NE Vienna, VA 22180

Phone: 571-572-9760
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 4:30-9:30pm

Woodbridge, VA

Addie Brown.jpg
Addie M. Brown, LPC, NCC 


You have the power to heal within you. I strive to help individuals and couples unlock their inner strength in order to heal from past emotional injuries and develop the skills needed to manage various stressors of their lives.

I work with individual adults as well as couples dealing with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, marital conflict, and trauma.  My clinical specialties include evidenced-based interventions such as The Gottman Method for marital therapy, EMDR to address trauma, and Internal Family Systems therapy. In addition, I served 5 years in the Navy and have served many more years as a Marine Corps spouse. As such, a large portion of my practice includes working with veterans and their families on issues such as post-deployment reunification, emotional disengagement in relationships, adjustment to injuries/disabilities, and transition to civilian life.


I am out of network with insurance companies; Session rates are $160 for individuals and $180 for couples.


Practice name: Harbor Site Counseling, LLC

Address: 13000 Harbor Center Dr., Ste 352, Woodbridge, VA 22193

Phone: 703-270-1017

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