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We can help you. 


This website is to provide resources for Latter-day Saint leaders, members, and mental health professionals in the Greater Washington DC Area, including Virginia, Maryland, and DC. 

Annual Conference

Are you looking for more ideas on how to help those you serve? 


If so, join us at the annual mental health conference every May.


The conference is designed to give educational information to Priesthood and Auxiliary Leaders on mental health topics.  The conference features workshops, by LDS professionals, who are experienced in the field of mental health and counseling.


Find A Therapist


Would you like to work with an LDS therapist?


We realize that meeting with a therapist who can identify with your values and beliefs may provide an additional level of comfort and understanding in the counseling process.


Therapists are available to provide a broad range of services to help children, teens, adults, families, and individuals cope with many of life’s challenges.




Do you need more ideas on how to help?


This page contains educational information on mental health topics, contact information for LDS referrals and community resources.

For more information about AMCAP please visit

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